Carports Blomtuin

Carports Blomtuin

KB Carports represents a premier carport, awning, and pergola builder in Blomtuin, South Africa. They offer high-quality carport installations in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Some key points about our company KB

  • Established in 2012 and located in Stikland, Cape Town
  • We Specialize in the supply and installation of solid roof carports with excellent craftsmanship
  • Offer a diverse range of carport solutions including flat roof, cantilever, and more
  • Use quality materials like galvanized steel and aluminum that can withstand Cape Town weather
  • Have extensive experience and provide professional, reliable work to complete jobs on time and budget
  • Come highly recommended by customers for quality work, reasonable pricing, and great service
  • Provide a warranty on installations and materials
  • Serve Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and other areas within 100km of Cape Town
  • Also offer other structures like awnings, shadeports, pergolas, and can customize designs

KB Carports is a premier carport installation company in Blomtuin known for our high-quality craftsmanship, diverse designs, professional service, and expertise working in the local climate. We use quality materials to build durable and customized carports on time and budget. If you need a carport in Blomtuin give us a call today!

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Custom Carport Sizes, Single and Double

Standard carport dimensions in South Africa typically include single (3m x 6m) and double (6m x 6m) sizes. Carports are independent structures that provide covered parking, but they can also be attached to existing buildings for convenience. Common uses for carports in South Africa include:

  • Home driveway carports to shelter personal vehicle’s
  • Large-scale carports in commercial parking areas
  • Carports as patio covers to provide shade and shelter
  • Fully enclosed carports for more complete protection

The standard height for carports is usually 2.2 meters for cars, or 2.4-2.6 meters for larger vehicles like minibuses and caravans, Carports can be built in any custom shape and size, with common options being:

  • A-frame/pitched roof carports
  • Dome shaped carports
  • Flat roof carports
  • Carports for caravans (3.4 x 6m)
  • Standard Carport
  • Cantilever Carport
  • T-Shape Carport
  • Boxed Carport
  • Un-Boxed Carport
  • Barrel Vault Carport

Our Carports are typically constructed using

  • Galvanized steel IBR roof sheeting (0.5 mm thickness)
  • Steel lip channel for the outer and inner frames
  • Square steel tubing columns concreted into the ground
  • Gutters and downpipes

All steel is primed and painted for protection against rust and fatigue. Carports can be customized with different roofing materials like colored sheeting or transparent sheeting. Carports can be installed over existing structures, though there is often an additional labor fee for this. They can also be attached to your home using basic pole-building construction. Lean-to designs attach the carport against the house’s side. According to South African building regulations, carports up to 40 square meters are considered “minor building work” and do not require full building plans, only approval. 

Carport Materials

The materials and designs you choose for your carport roof will depend on your location and budget. Popular options in Blomtuin include:

  • Metal carports made of steel or aluminum. These are durable but can be more expensive. Aluminum is lightweight but dents more easily than steel. Steel is stronger but prone to rust if not properly treated.

  • Fabric or shade cloth carports. These are affordable and provide good sun protection, but are less durable than metal options. The fabric may need replacing over time.

  • Wooden carports. These can match the look of your home but require more maintenance to keep looking good and prevent rotting.

  • Pitched roof designs made of corrugated metal sheeting like IBR are common. They allow rainwater runoff but can be prone to leaking if not installed correctly. The pitch helps determine how much the roof can handle in terms of weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow loads.

Consider your specific needs in terms of budget, weather conditions, desired lifespan, and aesthetics. Get professional advice on structural requirements. Regular inspection and maintenance will maximize the lifespan of your carport. With the right materials and proper installation, a carport can provide many years of reliable protection.

Do I need building plans for a carport in Cape Town?

According to the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act in South Africa, a carport structure is classified as “minor building work” if it is an open-sided shelter for cars, caravans, or boats that does not exceed 40 square meters in area. This means that for a typical single or double carport, you do not require mandatory construction blueprints or plans in Cape Town. However, it is still recommended to check with your local municipal office to get approval before installing a carport, as regulations may vary across different municipalities. While plans are not required by law, having a proper design and blueprint can still be useful for getting accurate measurements, specifying materials, and understanding assembly instructions. Some key factors to consider when designing a carport include:

  • Size – Standard sizes are 3x6m (single) or 6x6m (double), but custom sizes are possible too. Consider current and future vehicle sizes.
  • Roof style – Flat, sloped, or A-frame roofs have different aesthetics and rainwater runoff.
  • Materials – Galvanized steel, aluminum, wood, and shade cloth are common options with different costs.
  • Attachments – Freestanding or attached to an existing building.
  • Additional features – Side enclosures, lighting, drainage, security features, etc.

If you need assistance with carport plans and designs in Cape Town, there are companies that provide consultations or pre-designed DIY kits with all necessary materials and easy assembly. They can also handle the installation for you. Getting professional input can help ensure structural integrity and compliance with any municipal regulations.In summary, carports in Cape Town do not require formal building plans, but having a good design and getting municipal approval is still recommended. Professional services are available to help create carport plans suited to your needs.

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